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SEO SALVO is Orlando's own full-service social media/digital marketing agency.  We specialize in elevating brand exposure and online presence with many of the leading platforms used today.  They include:  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google+  We welcome fashion, beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, and hospitality brands. With the "Rise of the Smartphone", consumers want to stay connected at all times. Businesses that leverage this need to be connected all the time to build your email list, increase customer loyalty and engagement, as well as improve your social media presence will be on their way to having a long lasting and impactful brand. Let the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Orlando help build or improve your brand! Let us put you on the Digital Map!

What Is Social Media Marketing And Why You Need It

Using social media for your personal life is something that most people do. However, you need to carefully consider how you can incorporate the power of social networks into your marketing.  Social Media Marketing Orlando is a strategy that you need to look into and incorporate into your online marketing strategy.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

In the simplest form the answer to ‘what is social media marketing’ would be the use of social media platforms to promote your business or website. Of course, there is much more to the answer of ‘what is social media marketing’ and you need to consider this before you implement it into your marketing strategy. For most businesses, social media marketing is the use of their social media accounts to drive traffic to their website.  Orlando Social Media Marketing is what you need today.

It is possible to automate this type of marketing through the use of online tools. This makes it very simple to implement but, it is essential that you implement this correctly. The methods that you use for social media marketing will vary depending on the type of content you are looking to promote.

Choosing The Social Network

Once you know the basics of what is social media marketing and before you start looking at implementation strategies you have to consider which social networks to use. There are a large number of networks with some being more popular than others. Most people will assume that they should have an account with as many networks as possible. While this is something that large corporations are able to do, a small business will not be able to have a steady presence everywhere.

As Orlando’s best Social Media Marketing Agency we recommend the following.  Facebook is one of the social networks that you should consider regardless of your niche. Most people will also look at Twitter but, you need to carefully consider is the fast-paced environment of Twitter will be beneficial to your business. Visually based businesses such as designers should consider Pinterest or Instagram. You need to carefully assess how you can showcase your business and which network will be best.

Social Media Marketing Orlando For Promotion

The primary reason for companies completing Social Media Marketing Orlando is to promote their website and content. There are a few ways that this can be done on social networks including posting links to the content, have share buttons on your website for visitors to share your content and paying to promote your content. The method that you choose should be one that you are comfortable with and that you can afford. Paid promotion can become costly and you need to consider this.

Businesses will commonly post links to their content on their social media accounts. This provides a back link to the content for SEO purposes while driving traffic to the site. This is also free to do which is helpful for small business with a limited marketing budget.

The inclusion of share buttons on your website is imperative and an easy way to use social media marketing. You should including share buttons for the major social networks and for social news or bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. Doing this is free as you can find free widgets that offer these buttons.

Paid promotion is harder for small businesses as it can become costly if not done correctly. Paid promotion is not the same as PPC marketing as you do not pay per click or impression. The paid promotion will highlight one of your social media posts and place it in an area where everyone can see it. It is important that you choose the post you promote carefully and that you do not try promoting all of your posts.

Social Media Marketing For Networking

While promotion is the primary objective of social media marketing Orlando you should not forget about networking. The networking you can complete will be with leaders in your industry, people who influence your target market and your potential customers. Engaging with these people on social media creates a relationship that you can use to enhance your online presence.

When networking with your customers you should not wait for them to contact you. Share engaging posts and then reply back should someone communicate with you. You should also get into trending conversations to increase your account exposure.  So pack a punch with Social Media Marketing and Orlando SEO